Monday, January 7, 2013

dajizzle THE RETURN

dajizzle THE RETURN by dajizzle
dajizzle THE RETURN, a photo by dajizzle on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Sometimes we feel like we are trapped in a mundane string of events. We wake up, go to work, etc. We feel like bursting free of all the everyday repetitions and living free. Well, as a creative individual, sometimes we become bogged down with the rituals of creativity (a real burden, I know). We make sure that we have a certain workflow, etc. And why that's all good and well, sometimes we have to operate creatively and free flowing. Let's roll with the punches and finish the fight! Let's create our own rules or make them up as we go. Lol! So, while others rest, I grind. While others play, I work. And while others eat, I eat as well. Lol! Can't starve. :) There's work to be done! So, let's get down to business! #KeepCalmAndStayFresh

Strobist Info: One 36" Octabank in front and above me and One Large Softbox directly behind me.

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